Suffer from Trigger Finger no more! Here’s what our customers are saying.

Probably the best splint I have ever used! I have “trigger finger”, when I bend my finger past halfway to a fist it pops and hurts. This splint stops that! And not only that! I can still work, do anything I need to. After wearing it about 3 weeks, I’m well on my way to healing.

Handfix trigger splint is an excellent product. From the moment I put it on I felt instant relief from pain. After wearing it constantly for two days, (removing it only to wash hands or touch water), the swelling seems to have diminished and the pain is slight and unnoticeable. I have full use of my hands and finger while wearing it and am able to not only continue activities, but have been able to resume activities I was avoiding because of the trigger finger. I would highly recommend this product and intend to buy another in case this one should get lost.

I am amazed at how well this works. Fantastic!

This tiny, inexpensive, non-invasive device cured my trigger finger on both hands….No expensive hand specialist, drugs, PT, or surgery. I am a 59 year old diabetic woman, ride my Harleys a lot, and HandFix has me riding pain free again. If you ride, you understand. Love this product.

-Handfix User

I love it. I plan to get couple more. It is easy to remove and put on again. It has no uncomfortable parts. I ordered two different kinds and I use only the HandFix.

In a million years i didn’t think this little thing would work!
But it does!!! And it helps alot! When I wear it my finger doesnt swell or hurt!! It keeps it from bending too much!

This worked wonderfully and I would recommend this over surgery.
-Handfix User

My finger was often stiff and I would wake up at night with it locked in place (fully bent in). It was a scary and painful process to unlock it. The brace is comfortable and easy to use. It totally prevents my finger from locking up and allows me to sleep with much less worry. My finger feels less stiff during the day too. Would totally recommend for these sorts of issues!
-Satisfied Customer

I’ve been wearing this daily for a couple of weeks to cure my trigger finger and it’s really helping. It is comfortable and unobtrusive.

Excellent fix. I use it every time I floss my teeth, because that’s when my finger always locks up and the HandFix prevents it. Since I’ve been using it, HandFix has kept my finger from locking and throbbing. I can no longer live without it – thank you, HandFix!!

I was skeptical as to whether this would help my “trigger finger”, but I am pleased to say I wake up with no pain and no tendon pop. I would recommend this splint to anyone who has a problem with trigger finger. It may take some time, but it works. I am amazed that I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on therapy or surgery.
-Satisfied Customer

This splint is helping very much. Wearing it prevents me from closing my finger so tightly that it becomes locked. 

I had symptoms of trigger finger with additional irritation at the base of my finger. I would sometimes awaken during the night with excrutiating pain from bending my finger. The finger splint prevented me from doing this and in turn alleviated the pain immediately. I wore it 24 hours a day at the beginning for about a week or two. Now I wear it as needed. I find it especially useful at night and while driving. I am amazed by the results and am extremely happy with this purchase

This splint is helping very much. Wearing it prevents me from closing my finger so tightly that it becomes locked. 

Worked like a charm! Comfortable to sleep and prevents fingers from locking in place. Would highly recommend to anyone with trigger finger.
-Handfix User

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